“This is one of the most interesting, spellbinding books I have ever read. In addition to a great fiction story of the things that happen to a small group of people who find themselves left behind after the Rapture of the Church (born again believers in Christ disappearing from the earth), it will be very helpful for anyone who really does find themselves left behind on earth to endure the seven years of the Tribulation.

It details events in an interesting and easy-to-understand way. I would recommend SEVEN to anyone, believers and non-believers alike.

Last, but certainly not least, there are scriptures throughout that verify the events as predicted in the Bible. So, while the story and characters are fictional, the events are very real and coming sooner than anyone thinks.

Although I loved reading this book, I wouldn’t want anyone to live this story for real, but sadly I know that many will. I plan to order extra copies to leave around the house, car, etc. for those people as a guide to where we have gone, why we are gone, and what they can expect to happen next.”

Sandy H 3/2021

“Powerful story with engaging characters. Well written with a taut, storyline. It’s 5 stars from me.”

James C.

“Reading this book now. It’s excellent!”

Mary R. 10/9/21

“This book was awesome! Eye-opening, exciting, and slightly unnerving.”

Heather G 10/10/21

“Love, love, love this book! It has so much truth written in a fiction format. It kept me spellbound! 5 stars!”

Andrea W. G. October 5, 2021

 “I read the book on Rapture Ready and loved it. Will be buying the hard copy and hoping for another one.”

Jean B. 3/2021

“I promise you, once you pick it up, you will not want to put it down…”

Connie F 2/2021

“Seven was beautifully written. The characters were introduced well and I had no trouble following the storyline. It was a page-turner. Throughout the story, I wanted to be as great a Christian as your characters, even got some prayer ideas from them. I loved the book! Will buy the hard copy. Do you have plans for another?”

Margie McM 3/2021

“I read SEVEN last week in the middle of our Texas storm. I kept thinking that I’m sure glad I will not be here during the Seven Years of Tribulation! I read “The Left Behind” series years ago but your SEVEN put a much more realistic setting to the yet future seven years. Quite believable. I ended up using my search engine (Duck Duck Go) and I typed in Rapture Ready Seven chapter 1 and read it on Rapture Ready…Please keep us updated about the release of SEVEN. Thank you for all the thought and effort you put into this work to show that you do not want to miss the Rapture!”

Marsha W. 2/2021

“Just want to say I loved reading your book. I always looked forward to reading the next chapters. Just couldn’t wait. How I am going to miss looking forward to that! I still have your other articles to read but your book was special…God bless you, and maybe another book?”

Judith A 1/2020

” Thank you so much for sharing your creation “SEVEN” with the world… I enjoyed the book thoroughly and looked forward to each new section as it became available. All along I wondered how you would end the book; now I know. I’m sad that it has ended. I wanted the pleasure to continue for a long time…I pray that some smart publisher snaps this up and gets it out there where it will be a wake-up call, a disturber of the “peace,” and comfort for those who will be leaving loved ones behind….”

Victoria L. 1/2020

“Just a note to thank you from a sister in the Lord. I eagerly waited for each installment and missed not a one! The cliff-hangers drove me crazy, especially when it felt like “weeks” between them! I enjoyed the story and although the finale was grand, I am kind of deflated to see it end. Two requests/suggestions: (1) publish SEVEN as an actual book, and (2) as in the LEFT BEHIND series, start a sequel!”

Lynn S. 1/2019

“Thank you so much for putting SEVEN on Rapture Ready… I have to admit that sometimes it is so real that I have to put it down and come back to it later; it is so intense. That is a compliment and to your credit as a talented writer.”

Vickie S. 12/2019

“Your introduction of the Antichrist was masterful, Alice – just superb. Even though of necessity speculative, your presentation was realistic, credible, and very true to Bible prophecy…”

Ruby I. 11/2019

“I absolutely love your book. Thank you for sharing it on the Rapture Ready website…Your storytelling is so natural it makes me feel that I am right there with Bobby, Trail, Sarah and the rest…”

Fredrick K. 10/2019