About the Author

Alice Johnson Childs

Alice Johnson Childs

Raised in the Piedmont region of South Carolina, daughter of a Southern Baptist pastor, Alice Childs dreamed of being a writer since childhood. Mother to her children Kristen and Mitchell, and proud grandmother of her five grandchildren Byllie, Carter, Lilly, Izzy, and

Grant, she is author of the Christian thriller SEVEN: A Story Of Things To Come. Alice is a contributing writer for Rapture Ready.com, the world’s largest Christian end times website and has been published in Christian venues such as Prophecy Update among other

forums. In addition to her author’s website www.authoralicechilds.com, she also runs her own blog site LIFE FROM THE ROCKING CHAIR @ https://alicechilds.discussion.community/

Alice lives at home with her husband David and their three dogs. Visually impaired from birth, she writes all of her material on her cell phone from her rocking chair in her living room or on her front porch. Alice has plans to begin work on her third novel of end times Christian intrigue.

You can contact Alice by email at 7thenovel@gmail.com