Seven – A Story of Things To Come

Author: Alice Childs

When the impossible to believe becomes impossible to ignore…The instant when the beginning of the end finally happened, the world at large was unprepared to face the aftermath of the event that heralded it. In a small remote mountain town tucked away in
the hills of North Carolina, a band of friends must now face what will be the last seven years of human history. The choices they make will determine their ultimate destiny.

“The three of us laid down in beds that were not our own in a place that was not our home in a world that in the blink of an eye has become dark and foreboding. Despite our uncertainties, we laid down to sleep at peace, closer to each other than ever before. We didn’t yet know much about what we would soon be facing, but we closed our eyes that night knowing that from here on out whatever surprises or horrors we would face…good or bad, easy or hard, live or die, we now belonged to God’s family. We were now Tribulation Brothers.”

“Now the Rubicon so to speak, has been irrevocably crossed. The Tribulation has begun. The countdown has started. The span of our lives and of this world is now set. The number of years this world has left – seven.”