How I long for that Peaceable Kingdom

Where the wolf shall lie down with the lamb.

Where all evil and fighting is ended

And the earth is renewed once again.


When God will recreate Eden

And the Lord reign as King over all,

When bloodshed and warfare has ended

And all of the earth hears the call

To be freed from the evil and bloodshed

Of a world that was cursed by the Fall.


Where babies and children are treasured

Where their laughter is heard in the streets

Where each living creature is safe and secure

Every bird and each gentle beast.


Where all people dwell safely together

And no fear mars any home

With immortals and mortals together

As King Jesus reigns from His throne.

From Jerusalem’s bright holy mountain

To the farthest reach of the earth

The Lord will rule just and holy

And all living things will have worth.


For one thousand years in this Kingdom

Where peace will at last have arrived

Mankind will breathe deeply of freedom

From hatred and sin and all lies.


How my heart so longs to be there!

United with family and friends

To be joyfully bonded together in fellowship that never ends.


But for now there’s a world growing darker

With a terrible time just ahead

For those who will not make the rapture

Will be left here to suffer instead.


But no one has to remain here.

All who choose can go in the air

When Jesus steps out of His Heaven

And calls for His bride to appear


The door of grace is yet open

And all who are willing may go

For those who believe on the Savior

The rapture of Glory will know!


Oh that glorious kingdom is coming

After horror and torment and pain

When Jesus returns in His triumph

To establish His thousand year reign.


How I long for the rapture to happen!

How I long for those last seven years

Not for the bloodshed that’s coming

But to bring to an end all the tears

All the heartache and horror and evil

To be cleansed from a sin-ravaged earth

To see joy and hope returning

To a world that has had a new birth.


And yes there is great trouble coming

God’s terrible judgment draws near

But after the warfare has ended

And all things restored as brand new

Then that Peaceable Kingdom will be here

With the earth wrapped in fresh morning dew.


And the babies and children will play there

With the animals all great and small

Each protected and loved and treasured

As King Jesus rules over all.

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